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Linguarama has helped many thousands of companies to organise Company Language Training programmes. We can help to guide your L&D or HR department through the essential steps to ensure that your programme runs smoothly and achieves the aims you have set.

We have 30 years experience of running Company Language Training. Whether for one person learning one language or 1000 people learning 15 languages we can ensure your success.

Our experience shows that the key steps are:

  • Initial assessment - identifying the language skills you already have in the company
  • Target setting - establishing with you the target levels people need to reach to work efficiently in the new language depending on their jobs and roles
  • ROI - looking carefully at the budget you want to spend, what you can achieve for that budget and how  the training can have a positive  impact on your business goals
  • Assessing levels - using our Levels Chart to measure progress and reporting to you the results of your training
  • Training Needs Analysis with potential participants to understand their language needs, their timescale for achieving their objectives and their availability for training
  • Producing a cost effective Training Concept for your company - including a range of options for intensive training, extensive training, workshop programmes, cultural training to match your staff's needs
  • Encouraging learners to be involved in taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Reporting regularly on progress made and how we can adapt the courses to changing requirements

To provide you with better and more detailed information about your courses, to organise and manage the programmes more successfully and to give participants access to a wide range of learning materials, Linguarama has developed a number of Administrative Tools, a Learning Platform  and a Bank of Resource Materials.

These are unique to Linguarama and ensure we can deliver:

  • Excellent service
  • Online reporting
  • Allocation of costs to different cost centres
  • Constantly updated business English materials
  • Access to a range of learning materials for course participants

For information on how we can help you run your Language and Cross Cultural training more efficiently and successfully, please contact your nearest Linguarama centre,  email webinfo@linguarama.com or call our Client Services Team on + 44 (0) 20 7614 1900 

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